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FSB (Federation of Small Businesses)

Clear communication across business activity is essential to success.

Targeting practices within the business or the public interface is an investment in sustainability. Analysing performance and specifying training and development in communications requires technical diagnostics of critical reading, writing, speaking and listening integrated into professional and vocational contexts and practices.

Designing Futures provides initial analysis, specifications and custom recommendations and training through to final training evaluation for individuals, groups and systems. These may be across professional and interpersonal presentations, meetings, efficient reading, effective writing, and documentary practices which achieve business purposes. These include numeric representation, digital technologies and other business communication mediums. Consideration of dyslexia and a range of other learning differences can be integrated.

Recommendations towards alternative provision may be made where this better responds to clients’ needs.



"Tara was a great asset to our team. She is very thorough, methodical and organised. She is able to contribute to constructive problem solving and has a high capacity for learning. If the opportunity arose I would employ Tara in any organisation that I was part of, and without a hint of hesitation."

"It is a pleasure to work with Tara because she brings creativity and enthusiasm to each task at hand. She has a wealth of knowledge about adult learning, literacies and language. Tara also has a passion for trying new technologies and supporting other learning professionals to develop their knowledge about this."

"Tara has... promoted good practice for positive change through her excellent communication skills. She has an acute eye for detail with regard to data management resulting in cleaner and clearer information for the uninitiated. Creative project management skills which culminate in new funding and teaching sessions ensuring from inception to completion individual teams are motivated to work together successfully."

"I have worked with Tara in a number of contexts and have always found her to be highly skilled, reliable and very, very hard working... perhaps the most interesting project I have shared with Tara has been Stories of Resilience. This project is taking place at the two ends of the globe. In Australia and in the United Kingdom... Tara has been an inspiration in the creativity, innovation and drive that she has brought to this online publishing project. It is always a pleasure to work with Tara, and I have no hesitation in recommending her for future projects."

Originals available on with further recommendations.