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Designing Futures focuses on setting you on the path to independent lifelong learning, over the course of which you are welcome back for a visit! Some individuals already know where they want to be, others are clearer about what they want to improve. Questions people ask themselves include,

There are many avenues to respond to these questions and improve communication skills: independently, through formal courses or online learning, as well as elements of coaching. It doesn't all have to be a chore, either.

Recommendations towards alternative provision may be made where this better responds to the matters presenting.



"Tara gave me invaluable advice and support during my PGCE application and assignments that enabled me to change my career. The advice that she gave me helped me to understand the underlying aspect of the assignments that inspired me to write an A-grade paper. The advice offered through questioning in one paper in particular produced a lot of thought provoking thoughts which I still refer back to during my career. I would highly recommend Tara."

"Tara was absolutely fantastic in teaching. She has a very creative approach in her teaching, making sure everyone understands the subject by implementing different teaching techniques since everyone learns differently! She also is very caring and patient. Without Tara I wouldn't have achieved the top grades that I did... I highly recommend Tara Furlong and stand by her incredible teaching abilities."

"Speaking as a former student I cannot express just how big a difference Tara's teaching has made to my life, from a student with the literacy skills of a seven year old, to someone who no longer has a fear of the written word. Through her work with the basics, like spelling and word association, to the new ways Tara has where she uses 3D thinking, to break down barriers that have built up over the years, and by using different colours and simple things like clay*, my literacy has improved greatly over the last few years. I also found Tara to have a brilliant rapport with her students and is very highly thought of by them."

Originals available on with further recommendations.