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FSB (Federation of Small Businesses)

Communicate, work, live

Your communication and analysis (i.e. English, maths and digital skills) are critical to performance and productivity, i.e. you maximising your earnings, and to your employer. They aren't just 'basic'; they are also 'higher order'.

If you have time, there is detailed analysis here and here but not to worry if not.

Some tips to get you started: try these - they're free and for brushing up the basics while you’re waiting for the train! Or visit your local library and see what's brewing.

There are many online apps and sites.

If you need a little more than brushing up your skills with apps or local courses, look no further!

Book a set of four online 1:1s, plus initial ‘scoping conversation’, for

£125, opposite

I do it better now!


pens, pencils, paper, stylus, mobiles, computers, market research, meeting agendas, presentations, reports, performance management, clients, accounts …