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Specialising in English language and literacies, standalone and integrated into vocational and professional learning, Designing Futures targets systemic quality improvement: in college systems and in staff.

On analysis, recommendations are outlined and implementation strategies can be overseen. Continuous professional development incorporates institutional systems, improving standards and quality across teaching and learning provision. Learners are at the heart of designing and implementing strategic infrastructure.

Educational Institutions


"Tara has streamlined Functional Skills processes across faculty & departmental levels promoting good practice for positive change through her excellent communication skills. She has an acute eye for detail with regard to data management resulting in cleaner and clearer information for the uninitiated. Creative project management skills which culminate in new funding and teaching sessions ensuring from inception to completion individual teams are motivated to work together successfully."

"Tara is very focused on outcomes. She is passionate about improving outcomes for students and is clear on how to best support this aim. She has the ability to improve maths and English skills for all learners. She is highly organised and has a professional approach."

"Tara was a founding and enthusiastic member of the Key Skills Champions team... At a time when it was still sometimes a struggle to convince other teachers that helping students improve their English, maths and IT skills was everyone's responsibility, she did much to promote the place of Key Skills and later Functional Skills in the college agenda. She consistently maintained the high standards of quality assurance our team set, while making Key Skills exciting and interesting to her students, improving success rates in her area. Most importantly, it was a pleasure to work with Tara and I missed her greatly when she moved on."

"Tara has successfully reshaped a failing Functional Skills department within a short space of time... She developed robust systems for cross college vocational and functional skills staff teams which resulted in better outcomes for students and greater working relationships amongst cross college tutors. She built credibility, established rapport, and maintained communication with stakeholders at multiple levels, including those external to the organisation to ensure the ultimate success.

Tara demonstrated expertise in strategic performance management methodologies, established an effective Speaking, Listening and Communication assessment framework. She proactively managed and reviewed and modified the programs accordingly to enhance effectiveness of the integration of Functional Skills within vocational subjects. Tara is a tremendous asset... and has my highest recommendation."

Originals available on with further recommendations.

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